A Scalable Method of Expanding Your Professional Network

(For those of you who're already pros, skip to "The System".)

More Referrals = Personal Brand

This blog is for professionals (lawyers, bankers, doctors, psychologists, asset managers, consultants etc.) who have limited time, yet need to expand their referral network. First, let's describe the respected individuals to whom you are willing to refer your own valued clients: Trusted, Established and Knowledgeable are probably adjectives that describe any successful professional. Are these terms your peers would use to describe you? If so, you have achieved a critical factor for success termed Personal Brand.

Scalable Networking

Of course, time is of essence. In this context, scalable is defined as: A "networking" method that allows you to spend fewer minutes for each incremental referral source you gain. It's possible with social media. I recently discussed social media with a professional. It occurred to me that most social media "systems" are designed to allow marketing departments to effectively push products and services. But what about social media for professionals?

The System

The three steps to scalable networking: 1) Build your personal brand within your industry and personal contacts. Facebook is primarily for friends a family while LinkedIn allows you direct control of your personal identity (as displayed in search engine rankings) and keeps you connected to business contacts and centers of influence. Your personal brand becomes obvious to the broader community as you develop a strong, expansive reputation. 2) Engage with your peers, customers and colleagues. Twitter allows rapid and convenient exchange of information. YouTube is also an option, but not one I highly recommend for professionals. Videos have the potential to "go viral" with millions of hits. So what? It won't sufficiently impress the referral network you are seeking. Create an informative blog instead. 3) Learn from industry experts. Need to exchange some thoughts with Donald Trump on transforming your real estate career? Again, Twitter is your best bet (you may want to re-think your choice of role model in this case). If you "follow" an expert on Twitter, you may want to subscribe to the same expert's blog.


Face-to-face will always have an important place. But how many times have you wasted time listening to a sales pitch from some know-it-all with minimal relationship potential? Spend less valuable time. Control the source and volume of inflowing information. Develop a scalable networking system, through consistent Personal Brand Building, Engaging and Learning.