The Apology

The Apology

I apologize in advance for potentially offending perfectly savvy (ostensibly) Cub Foods Cashiers.

The Intro

Somebody said that the top of the real estate bubble was obvious to them, when the cashier at Cub Foods recommended he consider buying and flipping houses (as it was working very well for her).

The Comparison

Fast forward 5 years and consider the number of experts offering services with catchy names like "social media management" "Search Engine Optimization" and so forth (as a quick aside, many of them are former RE investors) Is there a bubble shaping up in the world of internet tech? Consider the trading value of Google...$200 billion? Not to mention Twitter, Facebook and many other private companies on the verge of being purchased for obscene cash. Remember all the "geniuses" going to work on Wall St a few years back? The new rock stars of this economy are software engineers and internet marketing "gurus". Supposedly, there is even a Hollywood production about Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder- just in case you have been facebooking beneath a boulder)

The Difference

This time it's different. I know, I know, back off. You are going to tell me "That's what everybody said about real estate in 2005". But really, this time it is different. The internet is actually creating a whole new amazing way of communicating. And all those fuzzy pieces of code that you people stare at all day are worth at least $900,000,000,000. Wouldn't you say?

The Last Laugh

By the way, a website developer just informed me that recently she ran into a former Fish Tank Cleaner. Guess what he is doing? Nothing much. Just launching a Search Engine Optimization consulting company.

Great, now I probably offended the Fish Tank Cleaners.