Continuation of previous post (its getting deeper)

4) Deeply examine who you are. You may even want to grow your beard and meditate. Closely examine the pros and cons of both the job you held and the industry you were laid off from. Do you really want back in? Take a myers briggs personality test Click Here. Form conclusions about what occupation you might love and ask someone who knows you well to help further refine your conclusions.

5) You will second guess everything you are doing. People around you will second guess everything you are doing. It's normal, because everybody cares. Stay the course, you are on sabbatical. Make something of it. In many cultures this type of sabbatical is a widely recognized, standard life experience to be revered (here in the capitalist jungle we call the US economy, the closest translation of the term "sabbatical" is "lay off")

6) Examine the current reality and the realistic possibilities in the near future. Be cautious with the term "reality" which is difficult to define and potentially limiting. There are opportunities staring you in the face that other people wish they had.

7) Sabbaticals in other cultures may include such varied activities as drifting down the river in a handmade canoe, living off the land and climbing a mountain. As this single minded focus probably does not work for my subscribers, focus on two main points:

a) Maintain your experience as best you can in the surroundings you do have.
b) (This is where my advice deviates from various fundamental psychological theories) Complete something strictly practical and be proactive on a daily basis. This may include: cleaning the house, doing some work for cash, sending a resume, studying for a test, honing your software skills, organizing paperwork etc.

8) WHAT DO YOU / WOULD YOU LOVE TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE & WORK??!! This question is the central theme and the only question to answer while on sabbatical.

Finally, I leave you with these words which I have personally found to be highly inspirational for many years: “Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”
P.S. Whew! Maybe I should give up stock picking while I am ahead!

P.P.S. Maybe I shouldn't, I have a winning streak going. Let the internal debate continue. :)


The Maven Was Laid Off! Return of the Maven.

First, I apologize for the lengthy departure from the blogosphere. I acknowledge that while I was on sabbatical, stock picks were left hanging and the stock market waits for no man!

This is a different type of entry. You see, behind the maven there is no complex network of computer programmed stock-bots. But rather, another Person trying to sort out the complex web of information modern day Life has become. In September, the Person was laid off from the Person's "Real Job". This was not a total shock as the beleagured commercial banking industry has been tottering around for nearly a year. But it was a shock. Any of you who have not been laid off are missing out. I'm not saying you want it to happen. It can be scary. But nonetheless, you miss out on one of mankind's big experiences...falling into the void of the unknown and eventually emerging from the other side. So anyway, I thought I would share a few "Survival Tips" and a time-line of events should you ever be confronted by the layoff machine and go on an extended sabbatical.

1) Take a few hours (or as long as it takes) to compose your thoughts and determine if this is a significant change for you and your family. Typically, it is, and you should be in a constructive state by the time you share the news. If this process takes more than an hour I do not recommend staying in the local park - Someone will call the authorities after a day or two and then you have compound problems.

2) Start exercising on day one. You now have the time and I know you are probably thinking you are busy looking for a job, but get real... you have time to exercise. Make it daily. This is crucial to your survival strategy. If you've never exercised don't over do it, but make it happen.

3) If you are one of the few, you might bounce back, land on your feet, and have back the job that you have always loved. In which case the following does not apply This is rare for a number of reasons I won't share now. (See Next Blog..to be continued)