Making the most of your time in shower

My critics will claim I haven't had any great ideas.  But, the ones I have had, came when I was in the shower!

Now - shower and bathtub research is backing me up.  Although - this is hardly new stuff.  The former darling of Wall Street and Main Street alike, Alan Greenspan claimed his finest economic policy was formed during bath-time (pause for angry chorus from critics of Greenspan-era fed policy).

Still not convinced?  Archimedes was a first-class genius. Among other things he invented machines that could lift a ship out of the water back in 300 BC.  That's pretty smart.  Want to know where he did his best thinking... by now, if you're not too dense, you'll guess correctly... in the bath - of course.  In fact, the word Eureka became famous when Archimedes leaped from the tub in all his glory upon the realization of some grand new thought.

So, make some use of your time in the shower.  Or in the bath, for those of you still operating in the 20th century.


Realize the Awesome Speed of Formula 1

Do you realize how "awesome-fast" Formula 1 racers are actually driving?  This video shows a side-by-side comparison of amatuer drivers on the track (just having fun driving their cars at high speed) and real F1 racers.  Bottom line: You'll never know what F1 feels like but this video gives you an idea.


US Stops Supplying Guns to Mexican Gangs in 2012

The guns, found at the shooting scene that left US Federal Agent Brian Terrey dead, were supplied by the US Government.  Obama decided to stop the practice of funneling thousands of guns across the border http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATF_gunwalking_scandal.  Good thing it only took a few years to make that call.

Wait till you hear the reason for supplying the bad guys with guns.  Because the guys who buy lots and lots of guns are clearly bad guys.  Wow. Clever. 

I suppose it’s similar to leaving wads of cash on the sidewalk.  Anybody who starts stuffing their pockets is a criminal – allowing cops to just round up the bad guys without having to patrol the whole city. 

Come on Government.  If you are going to give guns away - at least give them to little, old ladies.  A little common sense goes a long ways.